Advent’s test lab, located at Jormac, offers the ability to accomplish static testing.  With the support of our in-house engineering, manufacturing and certification capabilities, we offer rapid response to allowables and certification test programs.

  • Test plans/test reports
  • Composite allowables generation to CMH-17
    • Insert, panel pin and other joint allowable
    • Sandwich panel mechanical properties testing
    • Laminate mechanical properties testing
    • Adhesive bond strength testing
  • Tie-rod tension & compression allowables
  • Joint strength validation tests
  • Test coupon design & fabrication
  • Test fixture design & fabrication
  • FAA DER approvals
  • FAA DAR / ODA DMIR conformity


About Us

Advent Aerospace is comprised of two divisions, Cabin Innovations & Jormac Aerospace. Together, Advent offers world class products and services to the aerospace community.