Colt Mehler

VP Program Management

Colt has held the position of Vice President of Program Management at Jormac since 2014.  Prior to that, Colt was Vice President of Project Engineering at Jormac Aerospace working closely with counterpart Jerry Koh.  Prior to Jormac, Colt held the VIP completion role at JetTech Aerospace, a start-up completion center in Spokane, Washington specializing in BBJ completions and maintenance.  Colt graduated from University of Idaho in 1998 with a bachelors in Civil Engineering and was immediately employed at The Boeing Company as a MRB Engineer on the 747 body structures line.
Colt believes that the most important role as program manager is customer service.  Colt takes the time to really understand his cliental in order to provide the best service possible.  His entire team strives towards our policy; “Jormac Aerospace is committed to providing high quality and high value products to its Customers, delivering on time and continuously improving.”

About Us

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